Kimberley specializes in guided imagery and hypnosis for individuals, families and corporations.  She has a degree in psychology, nursing, and hypnotherapy. Kimme developed her own unique techniques and applies them effectively helping individuals reduce stress, sleep better, lose weight, stop undesired habits, set priorities and achieve goals while staying motivated through a combination of highly effective methods.  

Kimberley also teaches HypnoBirthing® for mothers desiring a wonderful natural approach to childbirth. She has over 10 years nursing experience in woman’s health with focus in all phases of childbirth, pediatrics and neonatal intensive care.  She has 3 years in nursing education and clinical informatics. 

Kimberley is very knowledgeable with an assortment of ideas for helping people achieve their dreams.  She is a loving wife, a caring mother and visionary allowing the success she embraces with her passion for life.